Chapter one:self-introduction 自我介绍


名字和年龄:My name is peter, I am six years old.

兴趣:My hobby is playing basketball.

个性:I am a talktive person.

My name is peter. I am six years old. I am from Taiwan. Many people ask me about my Chinese name because they think the meaning of it is very interesting. But I hope my friends can remember my English name rather than my Chinese one. My hobby is playing basketball. I usually play it with my friends after school, and I believe playing basketball will bring me good health. I am a talktive person. It is very difficult for me to keep quiet. Now I am studying in English, so I hope everyone can speak English to me.Otherwise I will feel very bad if I keep quiet.

Chapter two:我的母亲 My Mom


第一段开头句:My mom is about 45 years old.

第二段开头句:My mom is always reasonable.

第三段开头句:I love my mom and so I give her a hug.

Jenny 的文章:

My mom is about 45 years old.She has long hair and very big eyes. She is a housewife. She always helps me with my homework before she cleans the house and prepares dinner for my whole family. She is really a nice and kind mother.

My mom is always very reasonable. All she asks for is for me to complete my schoolwork. If I get a good mark on my test,she will be very happy. If I don't do well,she won't get angry. She will encourage me to do better next time.

I love my mom,so I give her a hug when I get home,and tell her she is the best mom in the world.

Chapter three:我最崇拜的偶像My favourite hero

tips:第一段的开头句:JianMing Wang has a round face.

第二段的开头句:When Wang was a child,he was very interested in baseball.

第三段的开头句:Wang is now a starting pitcher for the U.S. Major League Baseball Team--NewYork Yankees.


JianMing Wang has a round face with dark straight hair.He is the honour of Taiwan.When Wang was a boy,he was very interested in baseball.So he joined the school team as a pitcher.At the beginning,his parents didn't want him to play baseball,but he liked baseball so much that he didn't want to give it up.He kept practising his pitching,and gradually got better.Wang is now a starting pitcher for the U.S. Major League Baseball Team--NewYork Yankees.He shows no fear whenever he pitches.He is always calm.He has become a sports hero around the world.He is my favourite hero too.