Since I went to college, I have felt extremely excited about the new chapter of my life. I have imagined the campus life for so many years. Now I finally come to this stage. I have much free time of my own after class, so I need to learn to how to manage it. Over two years’ struggling, I have come to find the right way to spend my time.自从我上了大学,我对自己生活的新篇章非常兴奋。我对这样的校园生活已经想象了好多年了,现在终于到了这个阶段。课后我有很多时间,所以我得学会经营时间。经过两年的挣扎,我最终找到了消磨时间的方法。

The first thing for every college student to do is to learn major knowledge. In China, so many students think college time is used to play instead of study, so they skip classes. This is a big mistake. College is the stage for students to master practical skills, which decides what kind of job they will work on. For this, I study very hard from Monday to Friday. I don’t want to miss the important knowledge.对每个大学生来说,要做的第一件事就是学习好专业知识。在中国,很多学生认为大学的时间是用来玩而不是学习的,所以他们逃课。这是很大的误解,大学是学生掌握实践技能的舞台,这决定了他们将来从事什么样的工作。所以从周一到周五我都在努力学习,我不想错过重要的知识。

The second thing for college students is to take an active part in the after-class activities. Joining in the activities can not only help me learn more skills, such as dance and sports, but also can help me make more new friends. Campus is like a small society. We students need to learn to make connections with other students, so that we can win more chances for the future. I learn a lot from my new friends and know how to communicate with them.对于大学生来说第二件事就是参加课外活动。参加活动不仅可以学到更多的技能,比如舞蹈和运动,还可以交到朋友。校园就像一个小型社会,学生需要学会与其他学生建立联系,这样我们才能为将来赢得更多的机会。我从我的新朋友那里学到了很多,也知道如何和他们沟通。

My college life is wonderful, I learn both knowledge and social skills.